Employers in many service-related businesses and industries find excellent, motivated and dependable employees through Randolph Vocational Workshop’s (RVW) job placement program. For many employers an added bonus is a tax credit for hiring a RVW person.

RVW’s job coaches review individuals’ vocational evaluations, get to know each candidate and his or her strengths. Job coaches then seek a suitable job for each person, working to match skill sets and personalities with employers’ needs.

The job coaches facilitate matching candidates with jobs and achieving great outcomes by:

Doing a “job sample,” where the candidate can try-out the job without pay, while the employer evaluates the potential employee on the job
Helping new employees get ready for the job: filling out paperwork, taking a drug test, planning transportation, adding work schedules to a calendar, acquiring uniforms etc.
Accompanying the new employee to the job and easing the transition
Teaching job responsibility and retention skills, appropriate social skills for relationships with co-workers and supervisors
Working with the new employee to bring him or her up to speed, acclimate with co-workers and learn the ropes. Coaches stay with the new employees, working alongside them until they can do their entire job with the needed rhythm and speed. Coaches work with RVW people on any shift they’re assigned to.
Help facilitate any ergonomic issues, if necessary
Follow the new employee’s progress for 90 days, and address any problems if they arise
Being available to the employee and employer after the 90-day period if problems develop
Re-training the employee for a new position in the same business, as long as the person is employed



Types Of Jobs Our Candidates Fill:

Food Service – fast food, assisted living facilities, school cafeterias

Housekeeping – motels, schools, businesses, factories, assisted living

Grounds keeping – public buildings, landscaping clients

Manufacturing – assembly, inspections, packaging, receiving, warehousing

Some patient care in assisted living facilities


Randolph Vocation Workshop, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation facility. It is associated with the North Carolina Department of Human Resouces; the division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health.




Benefits For Employers Who Hire RVW People:

Pre-screened candidates

Motivated and dependable employees

Low absenteeism and reduced turnover

Good safety record

There’s a tax credit available for employers, and we complete the needed paperwork and bring it
to the employer.

We train the employee and work alongside him or her on your jobsite. The employer receives 100% of the work because the job coach fills in any gaps while the new employee is in training and until he or she can assume all of the job responsibilities.

Free training and support services

Follow-up services when needed

We ensure compliance with applicable laws




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