How do I get started at Randolph Vocational Workshop (RVW)?

You need to make an appointment at the Vocational Rehabilitation office in Asheboro. Call 336-629-1040 or 1-877-727-4509 to arrange an evaluation appointment. Their office is located at 958 South Park Street, Asheboro, NC 27203.

Can I meet with Randolph Vocational Workshop if I just need help with a job?
Randolph Vocational Workshop only accepts people who are referred through Vocational Rehabilitation, so you need to schedule and appointment with them. (View the answer above for more information and phone numbers to call to make an appointment.)

If I was dismissed from Randolph Vocational Workshop, how can I get back in?
Once six months have elapsed since your dismissal, you may re-apply using the regular admission procedure.

Does RVW serve people living outside of Randolph County?
Our vocational services for individuals are only for people who live within Randolph County. We do provide outsourcing services for businesses outside of Randolph County.

Can I get additional education or a degree through RVW?
In some circumstances, we can refer people who are in RVW to educational resources where they can receive additional education, complete a GED or receive training.

If I have an adult child who needs long-term services what do I have to do?
Contact the Workshop directly for information needed.

Randolph Vocation Workshop, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation facility. It is associated with the North Carolina Department of Human Resouces; the division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health.




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