If you, a family member or friend living in Randolph County, NC, is a disabled adult and unable to find and maintain competitive employment, this area of our Web site explains services you may be able to use. We only work with people who are referred to us by Vocational Rehabilitation, who are developmentally or physically disabled or emotionally disturbed. Some of the people we work with have a new disability that may be due to an accident, injury or medical event such as a stroke. Work First participants are also referred to us for assistance with job training and finding work. To request a referral, you need to make an appointment with Vocational Rehabilitation by calling (336) 629-1040 or 1-877-727-4509.

Our services are thorough and they effectively prepare our participants for many different kinds of work. They include:

Vocational Evaluation & Counseling
This is a period of testing skills and making observations to determine where a person is, vocationally. Through counseling, the person and counselor work together, to set realistic employment goals for that individual.

Initial Work Adjustment Training
We do job training using the subcontracted work being performed at our facility, to build skills and enhance the employability of the people we work with.

Work Adjustment Training, Job Placement and Follow-up
When a person is ready for employment outside Randolph Vocational Workshop, we work to help him or her find a suitable job.Through the follow-up, the new employee and the employer receive support with training and any performance issues.

Supported Employment
This is designed to help people with severe disabilities find jobs. Training and long-term support are integrated into the person’s work, where he or she is working.

Adult Developmental Vocational Program
For people who are only able to work at minimal levels, this program assists them with developing necessary work skills and habits to accomplish the work they’re engaged in and can enable them to move to the next level. Compensatory Education is provided to this population through Randolph Community College.

Referral Services
When our workers need outside services, Randolph Vocational Workshop can refer them to providers. Examples of referrals are:
Medical or health care services
Psychiatric or psychological services
Therapies - physical, speech and others
Tutoring and educational training in certain subjects to earn a GED, ABE and compensatory education

Each day in the workshop is a minimum of seven hours, including breaks. Our training and work environment is set up to improve individuals and facilitate maximum production.

People who do not follow RVW rules, violate their contract with RVW, refuse treatment or violate established safety practices can receive a temporary or long-term discharge from RVW. If funding losses or budget cuts impact the workshop, people may also be dismissed.

We take care to protect the safety and health of people at RVW. Our first priority is preventing injuries and a second priority is avoiding equipment or property damage. Fire safety, including placement of extinguishers and evacuation procedures are extremely important and we have unannounced, emergency drills once a month. Our people are expected to follow these procedures and the rules in the evacuation plan.

Randolph Vocation Workshop, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation facility. It is associated with the North Carolina Department of Human Resouces; the division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health.




Admission Procedures:

The steps for admission into Randolph Vocational Workshop (RVW) are

Call the Vocational Rehabilitation office for an appointment at (336) 629-1040 or 1-877-727-4509.

Arrange a tour of RVW through your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or Workshop Evaluator. Please bring a parent, guardian, family member or the professional who referred you to RVW with you if possible.

Your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will meet with the RVW Intake Committee to make a decision about your eligibility for workshop services.

You will receive written notification about whether you’re being admitted to the workshop. If you are refused, a reason will be provided.





Enrollment Criteria:

Workshop people need to be:

Age 16 or older.
Able to administer his or her own medications.
Able to meet his/her personal
needs in a workshop setting, e.g. using restrooms, eating lunch and caring for personal hygiene without assistance.
Display no disruptive or violent behaviors.
Seizure controlled, alcoholism,
drug abuse and other conditions must also be under control as not to endanger self or others.
Able to move safely and independently throughout the workshop.
Able to participate and work
without one-to-one supervision.





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